Check HTTPS Certificate Plugin

Check HTTPS Certificate is a very simple addon to check expiration date of your HTTPS certificate. Just drop Cert Validity macro to your Confluence page and you will see something similar to:

Check HTTPS Certificate

If your server is running on a non-standard port (other than 443) you can specify port number in your macro settings.

Check HTTPS Params

You may use the addon’s REST API to test certificate validity and receive the check results in JSON format.

$ curl -u <user>:<password> -X GET \
https://<confluence>/rest/check-cert/1.0/cert/notAfter \
{"expires":"Wed Sep 20 12:27:00 MSK 2017","days":69}

The macro background color depends on certificate expiration date:

  • if expiration date is in one week or more than the macro background is green

  • in three days to one week – the background is yellow

  • in three days or less (or already expired) – the background is red

Legacy Markup Support

The macro comes in two flavours: for Confluence Macro Browser and for legacy markup support. The latter is to be used with wiki markup macro or SQL-based tables etc.

Check HTTPS Legacy

Normally the macro would check HTTPS server certificate after the page is served by Confluence. You can use ‘sync’ macro parameter to have your page composed with all check results ready, so that you could use Confluence export (to PDF or Word).

Check HTTPS Legacy

This addon is free under MIT license. To report a bug please use the issue tracker