Zabbix Plugin Setup

Before using the plugin you have to provide Zabbix server connection details to your Confluence instance.

Using Zabbix administration pages, create “confluence” account in “confluence” user group and grant the group read-only permissions to whatever hosts you choose to be available in your Confluence instance.

Confluence user

In Confluence, install the plugin and navigate to configuration screen by pressing Configure button.

Configure button

Create a new Zabbix server connection by providing Zabbix server address and credentials.

Configuration screen

You may share your connection descriptor with other Confluence users by selecting a user or a user group in Grantees field.

You may also set the connection as Default. This option is maintained for compatibility only.

Anonymous access

You may wish to make your Confluence pages public as described in Confluence server documentation. However the plugin will not share Zabbix data with unauthenticated users. Starting with version 1.1.35 of the plugin you can setup anonymous user access to Zabbix Graph Macro as follows:

  • create a Confluence user zabbix-anonymous

  • navigate to the plugin configuration page (use the plugin Configure button) and edit your Zabbix server grantees to include the user zabbix-anonymous.

  • as a final step – disable zabbix-anonymous user

You should end up with something similar to